The Organ The organ was completed in 1990 as Opus 12 of Lammermuir Pipe Organs, East Lothian, and is located on a purpose-built gallery in the North Transept.

The original design concept was considerably enlarged from 17 to 24 stops to include pedal towers with 16' Facade Principal pipes of 70% tin.

The organ is in three sections - the main central case, which houses the Great organ, the smaller case overhanging the gallery, which houses the Chair organ, and the paired Pedal towers on either side.

Click here to download the organ specification.

The Organ The Lammermuir organ replaced a JW Walker organ which had been seen as a temporary instrument whilst the fate of the 1892 instrument by Forster and Andrews was decided. The latter was located against the east wall of the Nave prior to the restoration and was stored until it was eventually scrapped being unable to be restored. This link will take you to the F&A specification. The JW Walker organ had a better future when it was transferred to Winchburgh Parish Church.